Key Components to Make 2021 a Comeback Year

When asked to reflect on 2020, my mind begins to feel like a pinball machine. Where do I even begin? As I attempt to slow down the constant over analyzation that occurs, I have found that the only way to process the events of this year is to look forward.  Dare I say plan for 2021? While this may seem daunting given the experiences we have gone through during 2020, casting a vision for the new year is a must for your business.  Since there are several areas to assess, let’s dive into some key marketing components that have experienced tremendous change this year.


Specifically, let’s talk about digital marketing. About a month ago, a colleague stated that their marketing efforts had been put by the wayside this year because they were unable to meet face-to-face with their physician groups. If this is you, we need to chat. The first thing we all learned in 2020 was that we had to be agile when it came to face-to-face interactions. Why is marketing any different? For example, did you know that there are over 500 million business professionals on LinkedIn? Of that 500 million, only 3 million are actively sharing content every week. Your market is waiting for you on LinkedIn and right now the platform is unsaturated. Here’s how to start:

  1. Create a business page on LinkedIn.
  2. Define your target market. How you craft your posts should directly connect with your ideal client. 
  3. Create content buckets. Every Monday do you want to highlight a patient? On Wednesdays open a conversation about the latest technology in our profession. Maybe on Friday, you repost an article related to current healthcare events.  Keep it simple, but informative to your target market.
  4. Create a visual. Canva is a great (inexpensive) option as a basic start! If you have an Adobe subscription you might have access to free stock images. 
  5. Post! Your first post is not going to get 100 likes. Or even high engagement. However, the key is to remain consistent. Post for 90 days then adjust as necessary after reviewing your insights.
  6. Bonus: Using hashtags can help your posts gain traction beyond your immediate network. Start with five hashtags that correlate to the type of market you are trying to attract.           

Team Development

Do you have the right people in the right seats? This is a hot topic amongst business owners right now. Making sure your business is staffed appropriately is essential for growth. Start by assessing your organizational chart and asking key questions. Does your organization reflect the growth you want to achieve? Do you need to re-organize to take those next steps? 

Next, determine whether your current team has the skills necessary to perform their job functions efficiently. You can do this with a skills matrix that is tied to specific competencies in each functional area. Once you observe and determine each individual’s capabilities, look at it from the department level to figure out where the biggest gaps are in each team. From there you can create a training plan that will not only help build individual skills but enhance teamwork and add more value to your business.

If you gain nothing else from this article, I hope you can take a moment to reflect on how this year has changed your business perspective and how easily you can adapt to external changes. Recognize your ability to be agile. Give kudos to folks that have stepped up and navigated this by your side and give yourself a little grace while we adapt to this new normal.

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