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Whether it’s motivating employees or managing training programs, MOZN Solutions can provide support for your company’s needs.  Your responsibilities could include everything from acquiring the best talent to motivating employees to managing training programs.

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Adequate training and development are proven to significantly improve company performance, employee retention and a person’s entire professional life. With the right training and goal plans, performance review sheets and evaluation forms, your company can completely transform the success of a company and the morale of its employees.

It is important to have a system in place to stay organized. One way to keep track of all the details is by using a template to track all of your employees’ stats and be able to narrow down specific areas of opportunity to focus training efforts.

Training & Development

The amount of training new hires receive is strongly connected to how successful that new employee will be in his or her new role. Though the time and effort needed for training may vary for each role, it's always a good idea to have an employee training plan in place to ensure a quick and efficient onboarding. With an employee training schedule template, you can create a list of training activities, add details around who the new employee needs to work with to complete each task, enter activity status, and include feedback for the new employee and his or her manager. 


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